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Supplying the finest wild game products to Great Britain and Europe. With a great reputation and a Foods Standards Approved Factory, Turners Game has four generations of experience and excels in the production of top quality Game Poultry & Meats, provided by the countries leading sporting estates. Operating from Canterbury in Kent, Turners Game is situated in a prime location to provide our products to a wide range of outlets from supermarkets, wholesalers, butchers and farm shops to Michelin starred restaurants and local pubs. With Venison, Pheasant, Partridge, Wild Duck, Wood Pigeon and Rabbit on offer; we can cater for any size order, attaining many more products on request. Turner's Game is Kent's only Food Standards approved Game Dealer. 

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pheasant and partridge
Venision Deer
Wild Boar

We supply the finest wild products and ensure the highest possible standards. All our game is sourced from selected estates and farms around the U.K and mainland Europe.