About Us

Turner's Game is one of the country’s leading Game Dealers and Processors based in Garden of England . We strive to bring the finest quality Wild Game to a variety of customers, to whom we offer a wide range of delicious Wild Game products. Including; Venison, Pheasant, Partridge, Mallard, Pigeon and Rabbit in a variety of ready to cook cuts, along with a selection of speciality sausages and burgers . We pride ourselves on consistently delivering high quality products that are natural, healthy and full of flavour.

Our History

Turner's Game is a relatively new company which was established in 2013, but its origins go back further. Dennis Turner the Managing Director and a founder-member of the NGDA,  worked with his father on London's famous Smithfield Market for 20 years before uniting with James Burden. Together they formed James Burden Game Ltd, operating out of Sevenoaks in Kent suppling major supermarkets in the mid-eighties.

After six years, Dennis took full control of the company, trading under his own name, with his first son Dennis jr. accompanying him throughout the process. When some five years past, he was approached by Eurogame, based in Boston, Lincolnshire with the offer of merging the two companies. The deal was completed in 1997 and the UK Game Company was created. Shortly after, Dennis's second son Steven, followed into the family business.

In the months leading up to 2013, Dennis decided he would develop a new, contemporary and quality focussed business. On agreeing to leave The UK Game Company, Dennis ventured into a more niche and exclusive area of the Game, Poultry & Meat market; this was the birth of Turner's Game.

Dennis Turner is seen as one of the most experienced dealers and processors in the industry. Turner's Game, Poultry & Meats is a 4th generation company. Since the beginning, Turner's Game has focused on its founding principles of honesty, integrity and reliability.