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There is very little fat on wild meat, particularly venison, so great care must be taken in the cooking to make sure that the naturally lean meat does not dry out during cooking.

Wild Boar

There are some pockets of genuine wild boar in this country (that have escaped from farms) but supplies are too small to rely on. We import genuine European Wild Boar which has been shot in the forests of Poland. It is therefore not local but if you want the genuine article, this is it.


Pheasants are commonly found in the British countryside. The wild population is supported by the release into the wild of reared pheasants in July and August, boosting the overall availability of pheasants when the pheasant shooting season starts in October. It is therefore hard to determine whether pheasants are truly wild or not as it is impossible to distinguish between a pheasant born in the wild or one born on a farm. They all look and behave like wild birds during the shooting season.

Mallard Duck

Wild duck differ from farmed duck sold in the supermarket in that they are not fatty and have stronger flavours.

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