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Wild Venison

Being one of the leanest and healthiest red meats available, venison is considered a highly nutrient-rich meat due to it being packed with high levels of protein, iron, zinc and B-vitamins yet staying low in fat and calories. When cooked, it captures a distinctively deep, rich flavour. Whether your looking to try a venison stew or a roasting joint there is a cut of venison available to you. Here at Turners we provide meticulously cut pieces of venison to ensure that you are promised to taste the very best of the wild venison that Kent has to offer.

Wild Boar

With natural, robust flavours, wild boar is a delicacy that truly stands apart. It is a lean, free-rage meat that captures the exquisite taste of rich undertones. This is a highly nutritional meat packed with protein, vitamin B and essential minerals.


Pheasant is the most common type of gamebird. Feeding on a diet of seeds, berries and other substances the bird has a delectable flavour that can be described as slightly rich with a gamey touch. This remains delicate and delicious, not overpowering. It’s considered a highly nutritional bird, with the meat containing little fat and calories, whilst also being packed with nutrients like protein, iron, zinc and B-vitamins.
Pheasant is a great game bird if your looking to expand your taste pallet, with the breast being the more succulent ,eat on the bird, and the legs taking place of the more leaner piece of meat. Both still satisfying that robust, succulent taste.
Available at Turners, we have whole birds available that are perfect for roasting, as well as the breasts that are perfect for everyday meals.

Pheasant season runs from October 1st- February 1st, during these months our pheasants will be as fresh as they come, during the down season the pheasant available will be frozen, but still taste just as fresh when cooked.

Wild Mallard Duck

Wild mallard duck is a common waterfowl breed, with its distinctive colouring and robust flavours. This breed of duck is different to those sold in the supermarkets as it is wild not farmed, so feeds on seeds and grains found whilst foraging. This is what makes the flavour of the meat more tender and rich in taste. Mallard duck is a versatile bird, whether it’s the whole bird for roasting or the breasts for a flavoursome meal, it can fit into any diet. It is also packed full of nutrition, including vitamin B, low fat, minerals like iron and zinc and being a high source of protein.
Mallard duck season runs from September 1st – January 31st, the ducks in between these months will be as fresh as they come, and the down season will bring frozen produce that tastes just as fresh when cooked.


Partridge is one of the smaller species of game birds, part of the pheasant family they have brown and grey feathering. Being primarily known for being more of a rich, tender gamey meat partridge is best served roasted as the small size makes a perfect portion. The small bird is packed full of health benefits as it contains high levels of protein, rich in iron and zinc, vitamin B and low in saturated fat.
Partridge season runs from September 1st – February 1st , the partridge in between these months will be as fresh as they come, and the down season will bring frozen produce that tastes just as fresh when cooked.


Wood pigeon is a dark game meat, and one of the larger game birds. It is known for its delicate texture and robust distinctive gamey flavour when cooked. Despite this denser taste, it is a surprisingly lean bird with very little fat. This makes for a healthy meat choice loaded with protein, zinc, iron and B-vitamins. The bird can be cooked in many ways and the breasts make for an excellent pan-frying meat.
Wood pigeon season runs roughly all year round, and within the months where there is less supply we still have frozen stock that is just as fresh when cooked.


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