Diced Venison



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Diced venison is deer meat that has been cut into small, cube-shaped pieces, usually around 1/4 to 1/2 inch in size. It has a rich, meaty flavor that is slightly gamier than beef but still quite mild compared to other game meats.

When raw, the venison cubes will have a deep red color similar to beef. The fat marbling will be whiter and less abundant compared to beef. When cooked, diced venison becomes lightly firm and browned on the outside while remaining moist and tender inside.

Venison is very lean and low in fat. This makes it important not to overcook diced venison to prevent it from becoming dry and chewy. Quick cooking methods like sautéing or grilling are best. The small diced pieces also work well in stews, chili, pasta sauces, and other braised dishes.

Diced venison can be substituted in many recipes that call for beef, pork or chicken. Its rich and slightly sweet flavor pairs well with onions, mushrooms, red wine, juniper, rosemary and other earthy ingredients. Try it in cottage pie, kebabs, meatballs or a hunter’s stew for delicious ways to enjoy diced venison.