Boneless Venison Haunch


boneless Venison Haunch joint
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venison haunch roasting joint:

  • Cut – This is a prime roast cut from the back leg (haunch) of a deer, with the leg bone removed. It contains the main muscles of the haunch – the round and sirloin.
  • Texture – This is a lean, fine-grained cut. Without the bone, the roast can be tied into a uniform shape for even cooking. There is little marbling in a venison roast.
  • Fat cap – A thin layer of exterior fat can remain if trimmed from the haunch. This adds moisture during roasting. The meat itself is very low in fat.
  • Flavor – Venison has a rich, gamey meat flavor. Being from the leg, this roast is slightly stronger tasting than the loin. It tastes best with mild seasoning.
  • Preparation – The roast should be thoroughly dried and brought to room temperature before cooking. Braising, marinating, or larding can help keep it moist.
  • Roasting – Cooked slowly at a low oven temperature (135c) until medium rare. Basting and tenting with foil prevents drying out. Roast to an internal temperature of 55c
  • Uses – This boneless roast is excellent for main holiday meals or dinner parties. It can be served whole or sliced into medallions.

In summary, the venison haunch roast offers a tender, flavourful cut to serve a crowd when properly prepared through low and slow roasting to bring out its best wild game qualities.

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