Venison Mince



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Venison mince is ground or minced meat made from deer meat. It has a deep red color and coarse, loose texture similar to beef mince. Venison has a rich, gamey flavor that is leaner and healthier than other red meats.

Some key features of venison mince:

  • Origin – Our Venison comes only from wild deer. It is harvested from the muscles of the deer.
  • Color – Raw venison mince is a deep purplish red color owing to its high myoglobin content. When cooked, it browns well.
  • Texture – Venison mince has a coarse, loose texture. The meat fibers are thicker than beef so the mince doesn’t compact together.
  • Fat content – Venison is very lean, with minimal marbling. The mince has less than 3% fat content.
  • Flavor – The flavor of venison is described as rich, meaty, and gamey. It has a stronger flavor than beef. The gaminess comes from the wild diet of deer.
  • Uses – Venison mince can substitute for beef mince in dishes like burgers, meatballs, chili, bolognese sauce, and shepherd’s pie. Its hearty flavor stands up well to bold seasonings.
  • Cooking – Venison mince cooks faster than beef so requires less time. Gentle cooking prevents it from drying out. Browning adds flavor. Slow moist cooking tenderizes the meat.

So in summary, venison mince is a lean, finely textured, deep red meat with a uniquely gamey and flavorful taste. It provides a healthy alternative to use in recipes calling for minced meat.