Pheasant Breast Fillets


boneless x 2 or 1 kg

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2 x skinless Pheasant breast fillets per pack also available in 1kg packs,


  • Pheasant is a lean, white meat that has a delicate flavour. The breast meat is the leanest and most tender part of the bird.
  • Pheasant breast fillets come from the two breast halves of the pheasant. The fillets are shaped like chicken breast fillets, but are smaller in size.
  • Raw pheasant breast has a light pink colour and smooth texture. The meat has very little fat or connective tissue.
  • Pheasant breast meat has a milder flavour than darker pheasant meat. It has been described as tasting like a mix between chicken and turkey, with a hint of wild game flavour.
  • Pheasant breast fillets are very versatile to cook with. They can be sauteed, baked, grilled, broiled, poached, or added to stir fries, pasta dishes, and more.
  • Due to the low fat content, care must be taken not to overcook pheasant breasts or they can become dry and tough. They cook quicker than chicken breasts.
  • Pheasant breast pairs nicely with fruit-based sauces and chutneys as well as earthy flavours like mushrooms and truffles. Herbs like sage and thyme also complement its flavour.

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