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A venison haunch is the rear leg of a deer. It includes the full leg from the hip down to the hock/shank (ankle). This is one of the prime cuts of a deer carcass.

Some key features of a venison haunch:

  • Muscles – The main muscles in the haunch are the round (quadriceps) and sirloin. These do the most work, so are well-developed.
  • Bones – The femur bone runs through the center of the haunch. The pelvic bone is attached at the top.
  • Fat content – Deer haunches are very lean. Most fat is along the outer edges. Marbling within the muscles is minimal.
  • Meat types – A haunch contains roasts, steaks, and some trim or stew meat. The round is best for roasts while the sirloin makes good steaks.
  • Flavor – Venison haunch has a rich gamey flavor. Meat higher up the leg is more tender while lower portions are tougher with more sinew.
  • Cooking – Moist cooking methods like braising are ideal for venison haunch. Marinades help tenderize. Low, slow roasting gives the best results.

In summary, the venison haunch is a large, lean cut that contains multiple high-quality roasts and steaks to showcase venison’s prized wild flavor when properly prepared and cooked.

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